What are exosomes?

Exosomes are cellular components that are released from stem cells. They are not considered
cells because they do not contain DNA, but are the “messengers,” that transfer & communicate
certain genetic data and proteins between cells. Essentially, exosomes are the purest and most
natural form of cellular therapy and are how our cells communicate with one another.

The serum used in Exosome Therapy for Hair Restoration creates a healing environment for the
stem cells located within the patient’s scalp. Normally, our stem cells work to heal and restore
the body, but in some cases those cells fall into a “inflammatory response” & prohibit natural
hair growth. Exosomes enable the stem cells to generate their own exosomes, restoring and
regenerating dormant hair follicles, which then allows for new hair to regrow in areas of hair
thinning or hair loss.

Scientists have been trying to figure out how to regrow thinning hair naturally for decades.
Exosome therapy was originally studied and has been clinically proven to regenerate the skin on
the faces of patients who’ve suffered from third degree burns. The incredible regenerative
abilities of exosomes are now being applied to treat a wide array of conditions, from orthopedic
injuries, to fighting the effects of aging — to hair regeneration.

Am I a good candidate for Exosome Therapy Treatment?

Exosome therapy for hair loss may be suitable for both male and female hair loss . This therapy can be performed on any generally healthy patient who wants to restore hair loss without going under the knife! After meeting your provider for an in depth consultation, they can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

What Can I Expect During An Exosome Therapy Treatment?

While the science behind Exosome Therapy is complex, the exosome treatment is a simple and easy in-office treatment. To ensure the most comfortable treatment possible, your provider will start by applying numbing cream to the scalp before your Exosome Therapy. The Exosome therapy takes only a few minutes to perform and consists of locally injecting the Exosome serum into the scalp with a very fine needle in areas of hair loss or thinning. The injections are nearly painless!

What Can I Expect After An Exosome Therapy Treatment?

You may experience some mild scalp soreness that may persist for a few days following
treatment. However, most of our patients are able to return to their normal daily routine the
very same day as the treatment. It is recommended to refrain from any intense physical activity
for a week post treatment. We will provide more specific post treatment instructions that your
provider will also go over with you after your treatment. You will follow up with your provider
at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year post treatment.

What Can I Expect Overall?

Just like any other medical procedure, individual results from an exosome hair loss treatment
will vary, but the majority of our patients are able to experience the full benefits of treatment
over the course of the next few months. Since individual results vary, your provider may
suggest an additional treatment at 6 months post treatment. There is minimal downtime with
the Exosome hair loss treatment. We also recommend multiple modalities in treating hair
thinning/loss and suggest the use of Nutrafol supplements, Minoxidil, and a Lasercap. Your
provider can provide more information on this as well!

Questions? Give us a call!